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04/09/2019 Haydale Awarded Funding to Develop Airbus Approved Space Technology
21/08/2019 PDMR Dealing
11/07/2019 Haydale graphene-enhanced composite tooling and automotive body panels showcased on new BAC Mono R
11/07/2019 Year End Trading Update and New Year Focus
27/06/2019 Functionalisation Reactor Operational at Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre ("GEIC")
17/06/2019 National Physical Laboratory and Haydale collaborate on enhanced functionalisation process
12/06/2019 PDMRs Dealing
15/05/2019 National Grid benefit analysis shows high level of confidence in Haydale's composite transition piece
02/05/2019 Haydale to start commercial production of ceramic blanks for the cutting tool industry
26/04/2019 Holding(s) in Company
16/04/2019 PDMR Shareholding notification
10/04/2019 Holding(s) in Company
25/03/2019 Holding(s) in Company
20/03/2019 Holding(s) in Company
20/03/2019 Holding(s) in Company
19/03/2019 Holding(s) in Company
19/03/2019 Holding(s) in Company
15/03/2019 Holding(s) in Company
14/03/2019 PDMR Dealings
12/03/2019 Result of General Meeting
12/03/2019 Result of Open Offer
01/03/2019 Holding(s) in Company
26/02/2019 Holding(s) in Company
22/02/2019 Result of Placing and Subscription
22/02/2019 Proposed Placing and Open Offer
22/02/2019 Interim Results
20/02/2019 Comment on Speculation
21/01/2019 Holdings in Company
15/01/2019 Haydale Awarded Supply Agreement for its Proprietary Functionalised Piezoresistive Ink
14/01/2019 PDMR Shareholding notification
14/01/2019 Holdings in Company
07/01/2019 Further re Issue of Equity
04/01/2019 PDMR Dealing



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  • 21DecAnnual General Meeting
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